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On a cold Virginia autumn evening we lit up a cigar and kicked up our feet by a backyard bonfire. The conversation that ensued uncovered a longing for purpose, community, and comradery, on the road we call life. That night we wrote a song, and a band was born. 

But even more than a band, we’re a family.

One that we hope you’ll join as we continue our journey toward a

Place Called Home

We're an Appalachian Rock and Roll outfit out of Roanoke, VA doing our best to make waves on the music scene since our debut in May 2016. We write from the heart, play from the soul, and are thankful for every opportunity we get to take the stage. Place Called Home is:

Wes Winebarger – Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Mike Loritsch – Guitar

Jeremy Smelser - Bass Guitar

Josh Smelser – Drums